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Our Mission

Our mission is to extend the original EOS token, which expired on June 2nd, 2018. We wish to honor and continue its unprecedented distribution for future projects and EOS community utilization. Our EOSclassic smart contract will allow anyone who had a balance of EOS ERC20 tokens as of expiry to claim their equivalent balance of EOSclassic tokens. By doing this, we are enabling continued transactions on top of the Ethereum network. We are also offering a potential path forward for unregistered EOS token holders to verifiably register their tokens on EOSclassic where they can then seek restitution via the EOS community arbitration process.

Community Driven

Valuing democracy and unity in guidance and progress.

Known Network

Utilizing the same known underlying technology.

Open Source

Staying true to the founding tenets of Bitcoin and EOS.


What is EOSclassic?
EOSclassic is an extension of the original Ethereum EOS token contract which expired on June 2nd, 2018.
Why does this fork exist?
The original EOS ERC20 contract expired leaving millions of tokens unregistered and potentially millions more improperly registered. The EOSclassic contract allows previous EOS token owners to activate their tokens under a new contract which will never expire.
What is the future plan?
Our team is considering several possible directions for the future of this token. Community interest and involvement will ultimately determine what direction the project moves.
Is this project open source?
Yes. We encourage, accept, and incorporate community development and contributions.
Will the EOSclassic contract freeze at some point in the future, like the original EOS contract?
No.  This contract has no freeze function and will continue for the foreseeable future.
How is this project funded?
Several community members have donated time and money to get this project going.  For the sake of sustainability, we have substituted the original 10% token allocation with our own 10% token allocation. It is our goal to allow the broader community to recommend how these funds are spent and how the project moves forward.
How do I claim my tokens?
You can find instructions below.
Do I have any EOSclassic tokens?
Everyone who owned EOS tokens on the expired contract can claim an equal amount of tokens on the EOSclassic contract. See our included instructions on how to claim EOSclassic.
I traded my Ethereum EOS tokens for the new EOS blockchain, do I still get tokens on EOSclassic?
Yes.  All tokens held on the expired EOS contract can be claimed on the EOSclassic contract.
What is the maximum token supply?
Exactly the same as the original EOS contract, 1 billion (1,000,000,000) tokens.
Is this an ICO?
Are you affiliated with Block.One?
No. EOSclassic is a community-driven initiative with no association or consultation with Block.One or any of its employees.

 EOSclassic Roadmap

New: Metamask Claim Tool

If you use Metamask, check out our new claim tool, otherwise follow the instructions below.

Step One:

Navigate to MyEtherWallet.

Step Two:

Navigate to the Contracts tab.

Step Three:

In the “Contract Address” field, enter the following:


Step Four:

In the “ABI / JSON Interface” field, you will need to place the EOSclassic contract ABI. To obtain the ABI, visit the code at EtherScan. Scroll past the “Contract Source Code” and locate “Contract ABI”. Click the “Copy” button on the right.

Step Five:

In the section titled “Read / Write Contract”, select the function “claimEOSclassicFor”.

Step Six:

In the “_toAddress” field, enter the Ethereum address that held your old EOS balance.

Step Seven:

To claim any EOSclassic you may have, click the “Write” button. Repeat this process for any addresses you want to claim EOSclassic for.

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